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Introduction to NPL

NPL Lightboard Series
with Venkat Pullela

Architecture and Technology Group – Broadcom Inc.

Published on Feb 26, 2020

This video describes the key goal of Network Programming Language, (NPL). NPL is designed to specify packet processing pipelines that can be efficiently implemented on different architectures. Apart from basic constructs like parse, tables, re-write, NPL supports advanced constructs like multi-lookup logical tables, functions, strength etc. This is an introduction to the NPL language and a few important constructs.

For more information: https://nplang.org/npl/blog/

Why NPL?

With Mohan Kalkunte
VP of Architecture and Technology Group – Broadcom Inc.

Published on Jan 6, 2020

This video describes the key goal of NPL was to have a rich set of constructs to enable highly efficient pipeline architecture. By this we mean the cost of providing programmability over a fixed function should be minimal for the same feature set and table scale. In addition, the need to define the language constructs at a faster pace without being tied to an external standards organization was also a key concern.

For more information: https://nplang.org/npl/blog/

Trident 4: A High Performance Load Balancer

Published on Jun 26, 2019

This video describes how the Trident 4 device’s programmability and large table scales can be easily leveraged as part of a high performance load balancing solution. The video includes a demo illustrating the concept. The demo showcases a functionally accurate simulation model of the Trident 4 acting as a high-throughout, low-latency load balancer. The video also highlights how the NPL language and the associated toolchain greatly accelerate the development and testing of such functionality, enabling users to bring rich, differentiated features to market very quickly